About us


Our purpose statement describes the reason we exist:

To be a Christ-centred community growing in faith and sharing the Gospel with others.


Our mission statement describes what we do, who we serve, and the way we do it:

To be a Christ-centered community of faith that shares life with the diverse local community so they can see and know Jesus through us.


Our vision statement describes what we will look like in the future:

To be a worshiping community that reflects the cultural diversity around us. Revelation 7:9-10


We affirm the Core Five values of the Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT.

The Core Five - Essence of the Baptist Movement

We wish to note that being Christ-centred includes being prayerfully dependent on God.

Distinctive values

We celebrate the following 3 distinctive values that are especially important to us and that help people know who we are as a church: Bible, Hospitality, Cultural Diversity.


We are committed to the Bible as our authority for life and ministry.

You can expect preaching that helps us grow in our understanding of what God is saying to us in the Bible. You can expect the Bible to have a central place in our ministries. You can expect the Bible to be read and talked about by individuals. You can expect the Bible to shape our decision-making.


We are committed to hospitality.

You can expect a warm welcome. You can expect people to take a genuine interest in your life, offering personal and practical care. You can expect people to invite you into their lives.


We are committed to embracing the diversity around us in our worshiping community.

You can expect to be welcomed and included, valued and respected no matter who you are. This goes beyond ethnic differences to also include differences such as age, gender, wealth or family status.